Ok so we promised you lots of cool and unique concert experiences in our last blog. What does that mean? As always, we are Friends coming together for fun shows we can’t wait to share with our new audience Friends. Here are descriptions of our first three programs so you can get to know us.

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Imagine this scenario

You come home from work singing a song in your head by a great new artist. It has been a long day but this song is making the journey home faster. You’re feeling energetic and ready to celebrate the weekend. You invite some friends over to hang out and you know your friends will love this new artist—you can’t wait to tell them about that song. You all sit around playing it and sharing music from other artists. You tell them the story of this new artist and why you think they are gonna be the next big thing. You have dinner together and start drinking and laughing and enjoying each other’s company to the comfortable playing of music you love.

What did you visualize in that first paragraph? Did you see yourself in your car with a song on the radio? Or the bus with your ipod on? Did you see yourself following this new artist on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Did you see your friends sitting on the couch with their smart phone singing along to the song you just played them after buying it off itunes?

Because what I saw was a little different.