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Ok so we promised you lots of cool and unique concert experiences in our last blog. What does that mean?

As always, we are Friends coming together for fun shows we can’t wait to share with our new audience Friends. Here are descriptions of our first three programs so you can get to know us.

Peter and the Wolf and Friends: a multi-media concert experience!

Our first show has lots of character.

We are going to meet an inventor, a prankster, a young boy, and a wolf. While music tells a wonderful story all on its own, thank you very much, we will add to their stories through more and more concrete multimedia aids as the evening continues. We will start by simply talking about our inventor and his world like we would with friends. Next we will move from video projections of Till’s story played along with our quintet to a real-life Peter in the form of a puppet! But we don’t want to ruin all the surprises. Buy tickets here and join the Facebook event here to see what it is like for yourself.

To read more about our characters continue below, or skip ahead to see other programs!


Our inventor is a little quirky. He’s a well-to-do gentleman with a top hat and pocket watch. He’s kind and gentle and stumbles through society just well enough. But as soon as he gets home, his top hat comes off and his inventing apron comes on. He goes to work on crazy inventions in a messy studio—though he swears there is a method to his madness. In Steam, by Chelsea Komschlies, our music will set the tone for his fun studio, his deceptively well-groomed outside, but adventurously curious inside, his wild inventions, and the testing of a curious new one that runs on Steam.



Till Eulenspiegel is a bit more of a mystery so we will help you out with some visuals to help keep his story straight—because he will definitely try to trick you. Sometimes amusing, sometimes teasing sometimes cruel, Till has being going on all kinds of adventures and causing all kinds of mischief since he first appeared in the 1500’s. Despite always getting into trouble he slips in and out so quickly we are never quite sure if he is real.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.50.42 PM



Till Eulenspiegel Einmal Anders tells his story a little differently. The quintet of musicians along with visuals by miR artist Joseph Lark-Riley will guide us all on his adventure. Hopefully Till—and we in the audience—make it out unscathed!




Peter is a free-spirited young boy who is kind enough, but like many young boys we know, without a healthy dose of fear. Despite the warnings of his grandfather, he loves to play outside in the woods and watch all the creatures who call it their home. Peter will help us watch a happy bird, a nervous duck, and a confident cat as they go about their days. But be careful, because wolves like to watch the woods too.

$15, October 3, 7:30 pm
miR Theater
214 Barton Blvd

Friends of Folk

Folk traditions and stories

This concert celebrates different folk traditions by bringing performers from different backgrounds into the same venue. We will begin with classical musicians presenting music inspired by folk traditions. Music will span cultures and time periods and bring us to a contemporary folk performer inspired by many heritages. Johnny Kee will sing and play guitar and flute to share stories inspired by folk, gospel, and Native American traditions.

Enjoy great music and comfortable couches during the show and be sure to stick around and talk to all our performers during intermission and after the show. Buy tickets here and join the Facebook event here!

$10, October 25, 3 pm
Trinity Wellsprings
638 S Patrick





Coffee Hour with Friends

This is the idea that started it all.

Come join classical Friends from across Brevard’s best ensembles for a relaxing afternoon of coffee, music, and Friends. This one is straight-up classical music, but everyone is welcome! Whether you go to every symphony concert or you are totally new to classical music, this is a great way to get to know us. We design this experience to combine great musical performances with the comfort of your own living room. We talk about all our pieces as though we are casually talking it over with friends and have the perfect amount of mingling time during and after performances for audience members to catch up with each other and to meet us! In this event that is as much social hour as concert, you can enjoy the company of your best friend, make a new friend in the audience, or meet your favorite performer all while sipping coffee comfortably on a couch. Buy tickets here and join the Facebook event!

$10, November 15, 3 pm
Trinity Wellsprings
638 S Patrick

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