Centuries ago, after a long week of work, friends would gather in each other’s homes for a comfortable, relaxing evening of fun music, good drink, and great friends. They would share their favorite music, talk about their favorite artists, and enjoy each other’s ideas and company. Of course, people still do this today—just not usually with classical music. However, the term chamber music comes quite literally from this tradition of friends coming together for a friendly evening of music in their chambers.

Chamber Music with Friends embodies this comfortable and fun spirit by inviting artists of all backgrounds to come together as Friends for new and innovative projects, and welcomes audiences into our lives as Friends to take the journey with us.


Our Beginning

Our story began when our founder, Jessica, pulled artists and friends from many of our community’s best music organizations to work together for a recital—and they brought the friendly nature of the collaboration to the performance. They invited audiences to enjoy the concert from comfortable couches with a cup of coffee in their hands and talked about each piece before playing as though they were simply speaking with their friends in their own living rooms. Performers invited the audience to continue the conversation during intermission and after the show, to talk about the concert, to invite each other to other arts events, and to get to know each other as artists, people, and Friends.

cmf plane picture

Chamber Music with Friends has since grown to foster collaboration and Friendship between all types of artists; educating, featuring, and coaching aspiring young artists; supporting the work our Friends are already doing, and sharing the story of all our projects and performers with our Friends in the audience.

Our vision is for artists of every genre and media to join together in fun, innovative, and unique projects and we hope to always surprise our Friends with new ideas. But, wherever our journey takes us, we want you in the audience right there with us. When you come to a concert you can expect to hear from us and feel free to talk to us. You should never feel lost, uncomfortable, or unwelcome, but rather always as though you are among Friends.




We can’t wait to meet you!