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From our first meeting at the Cultural Arts Showcase (check it out!) to the most recent homemade dinner in their living room, made in Rockledge theater has welcomed us into their theater and their family as Friends. Already a fan and creator of original works, new theater experiences, and collaboration, they were open to all our crazy ideas and lofty dreams for bring our characters to life and we are happy to call them Friends.

What we love about them as a company is their passion for our community. miR is run by Joseph and Liz, a husband-wife duo using their years of performance, production, and management experience to celebrate to a city they love. They are dedicated to bringing original and unique works that reflect our community and its people. With projects like Cereus Moonlight, created by an artist-in-residence based on her experience living in Rockledge, to miR voices featuring personal essays from community members, they have experiences that are uniquely relevant to us here in Brevard county.
Chamber Music with Friends is proud to call Brevard county our home–a community with multiple bands, orchestras, theaters, art galleries, museums, festivals, and more! That arts community is something we want to celebrate. And the people sitting in the audience, attending galleries, and supporting that community are who miR wants to represent with their shows.

Interviewwith Liz and Jospeh

What made you guys start miR and what is unique about it?

The idea for miR theater first came to us while we were working together as company members at a theater in Chicago. We had been involved in a number of original theater projects in various cities around the U.S. (and in Liz’s case, in China), and wanted to bring that type of theater-making to a community where it wasn’t already present. miR is unique for that reason – it serves as a platform for performing artists to practice their craft in new and interesting ways and gives voice to stories and ideas born within the Brevard area.


What makes you excited about this project?

We’re thrilled to be working with Jessica and her musicians on this project. Their desire to present a chamber music group as something fun and warm and welcoming is attractive to us, and if we can support this through imagery and theatricality, all the better!


What do you love about collaborations in general?
We love good, productive collaborations. Collaborations can be horrible, but when they work the sum is always greater than any one artist’s contribution and everyone gets to be surprised by the results.

Check out our collaboration Peter and the Wolf and Friends: a multi-media concert experience at miR theater October 3, 7:30 pm

We can’t to introduce you to all our other Friends, including Mike from miR who is behind all our Peter art–coming soon!

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