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Imagine with Friends Show!

How do YOU think about art? Chamber Music with Friends challenges our audience to explore the creative process from the perspective of the composer in a concert of original music at 7:30PM on Saturday, May 14th.  Imagine with Friends will be performed at Trinity Wellsprings Chapel in Satellite Beach, 638 S. Patrick Drive, 32937.

This show brings composers, performers, and visual artists together to explore the unique ways people and various types of artists hear music, look at art, and think about the world in a experience that is both avante-garde and friendly.  The composers will discuss their art form in a casual and conversational style, allowing plenty of time before, during and after the performance for audience members to mingle. The show also welcomes the visual artist, utilizing the perspective of . On display during the event will be musically-inspired water colors by local artist, Mark Palmer, and the concert’s closing piece will be performed alongside images created by composer Chelsea Komschlies for her piece, Book of Spells.

Why did we do this?
Jessica: The act of composing, even as a trained musician, has always seemed like magic to me. It is a skill and a gift to the world that I think goes under-appreciated, especially with living composers. But, like any fairy tale will tell you, magic has rules; and you can understand those rules without losing your awe of what they create. The initial idea of this show began as a way to highlight the talented living composers we have while giving audiences a chance to see behind-the-scenes in the writing process. But as we worked, it grew to include an appreciation of our Imagination, and how we all have the ability to create and use our imagination as we go about the world–even those of us who aren’t talented composers.

May 14, 7:30 pm

Why should you come?
Jessica: We always say that the audience is included in the “Friends” part of our name, because we could never do a show without them, their support, and their love of the arts. We love getting to talk to our audience and hear what they think at every show. So for this show, I am really excited that they will not only talk to performers and hear interesting, beautiful, and wonderful new music, but also get to talk with the actual composers who create the musical worlds we bring to life. Talking with composers gives us such a unique perspective on music, and I can’t wait for our audience to participate in that.

I also hope audience members take away how much power they have in their own Imaginations.  That they remember how fun, active, and powerful the Imagination can be. The composer writes music, the musician performs it, but the listener is the one who gets to experience it. Even if a piece starts in the imagination of a composer, it finishes with the imagination of the listener. And whether we are composers, performers, visual artists, or supportive audience-members, participating in the arts is not a passive experience. That’s the reason we all love the arts so much. That’s where the power to change lives comes from. Because with an open mind, and active Imagination, we can find new ways to respond to art, each other, and our world. My Imagination reminds me to look at the world with wonder, and I hope that the audience’s does too.


Where did CMwF come from?

Jessica: There are so many wonderful different kinds of artists in Brevard and I always wished I had the opportunity to work with more of them. Luckily, a lot of them want to work together too! This organization exists to facilitate Friendship and collaboration between all different kinds of artists and arts organizations so that the network of artists in our community becomes stronger, more diverse, friendlier, and really, just cooler. Our shows have included classical and folk musicians, dancers, actors, and stage designers so far, and as our circle of Friends grows, I can’t wait to see what we can all make together to share with our audience.

So, what do you think ?